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Innovative Plasma Dermaceutics


The new IONO-JET is an innovave technological device used for carrying out cosmec-dermaceucal treatments by using oxygen which has been enriched by special plasma serums, peptides, vitamins, stem cells and plant-based acve substances. Depending on the condion of your skin and the aim of the treatment you wish to receive, these are applied to your skin by means of high pressure and introduced transdermally. 

The special areas for use of the plasma treatment are, apart from enzymac peelings, pore re%nement and detox, and above all else an-ageing, wrinkle li&ing or “whitening” (general lightening of the complexion or lightening of age spots or pigment disorders). A single treatment or a series of treatments can be carried out (also seasonally). Your IONO-JET session can also be integrated into the standard facial care you receive, making each of your treatments a high-quality experience to remember.

The top quality technology of the IONO-JET is ISO-certified and made in Germany, meaning every care to attention and detail for your comfort has been taken care of. The applicaon of this treatment is non-invasive and completely painless. There is no risk of micro-injuries and there are no intolerances or contraindicaons to be concerned with.
The use of this innovave plasma technology is a unique experience which is already being talked about. Due to the usually immediate visible results, the treatment gives an overwhelming feeling of pleasure and well-being.