Suction Pump massage

Suction pump massage SPM is a combination of cupping and massage. It is a holistically oriented, cosmetic treatment for the face and whole body. It is also suitable for applications in physiotherapy. In SPM a specific pre-selected negative pressure is conducted via connecting tubes into treatment pistols  which are then used to massage the customer. Different attachments are available for different areas of the body.

Depending on the intensity of the negative pressure and the massage technique, a targeted lymph drainage can be carried out with  SPM very simply, skin tissue regenerated, fat metabolism stimulated ideal for fatty deposits or jodhpur things or the tissue  firmed. Suction pump massage usually leads to immediately visible and noticeable results.

It is suitable for all customers who would like a fast, long lasting result.  With regard to facial and decollate care SPM is suitable not only for regeneration, anti -ageing, lifting  and wrinkle treatment but also for acne and rosacea.

SPM Breast lifting is non- invasive, cosmetic treatment. The aim is to lift the breast tissue from inside out. The results are clearly visible and noticeable and usually lead to a distinct change in the silhouette of the breasts. The result is long lasting as the physiological muscle  pump  is improved  due to the connective tissue  firming. 

The lifting is carried out using special breast applicators (breast shells). These are connected to the SPM control unit via a connective tube. From there negative pressure (vacuum) is produced in the breast applicators. The negative pressure automatically pulsates against normal pressure, which leads to a rhythmic vessel dilation and vessel compression in the breast tissue. This is also visible from the outside as a rhythmic lifting and lowering of the breasts.

The vessels dilation improves circulation; the vessel compression increases the venous and lymphatic reflux. This stimulates the formation of new connective tissue 9 collagen synthesis)  and expresses itself  in the form of noticeably firmer tissue and breast lifting. SPM Breast lifting is suitable for all customers who are interested in having firmer breasts without having to undergo surgery to take the risk of breast enlargement with silicon implants.

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SPM Bottom lifting  is non -invasive cosmetic treatment. The aim is a noticeably firmer bottom and lifting the bottom from inside out. The result  are clearly visible  and noticeable and usually leads to a distinct change in the structure of the bottom.

The lifting  is carried out using special bottom applications to SPM control unit via a connective tube. From the negative pressure   (vacuum) is produced in the bottom applications. The negative pressure automatically pulsates against  normal  pressure, which  leads to a rhythmic vessel  dilation  and vessel  compression in the bottom tissue- This is also visible from the outside as a rhythmic lifting and lowering of the bottom. The vessel dilation improves circulation; the vessel compression increases the venous and lymphatic reflux. The stimulates the formation of new connective tissue (collagen synthesis) and express itself in the form  of noticeable firmer tissue and bottom  lifting.

SPM Brazilian bottom lifting takes 1hr. Usually ten applications, which should be taken within one month (2/3 times per week). Usually 10 applications should be taken in order to get the best results.

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SPM lifting®-Brazilian Bottom/Breast lifting 

In the whole body area SPM meets the requirements for Differentiated Cellulite Treatment in terms of lymph drainage, activation of the fat metabolism and connective  tissue  firming, SPM also provides the possibilities  of special  treatment for pregnancy marks. It is also ideal for relaxing massages or decongesting cramped muscles.

Treatments with SPM take between 30-60 minutes depending on the treatment zone. In cosmetic facial care SPM is also often incorporated as a component of existing treatment plans, (e.g. as a preparatory lymph drainage, or regeneration or as lifting. A particular advantage is the possibility of working with 2 attachments at the same time which reduces the treatments times compared to working with single applications. This treatment is a very effective and a long lasting.