Pure Line Platinum Regeneration Cream with colloidal platinum 50 ml £97
Holistic day care, especially adjusted to the needs of demanding skin. With subtle scent underlining and rounding off the silkiness of cream and skin.
The fivefold effect of the cream formula endows the skin with all needed resistance. Being an innovative combination of premium ingredients – with exclusive plantin-peptide – PURE PLATINUM improves the moisture content of the skin and straightens wrinkles. Through vitamin E and light protections, the skin is protected from unwanted environmental influences. Squalane and panthenol cause a smooth and fine skin feeling.

Pure Line Cell energy and hydro regeneration care for face and décolleté 50 ml  £63

Q10 (coenzyme 10 or ubiquinone) is considered a cell energy dispenser, thereby helping the skin to regenerate. The enzyme jojoba is encapsulated in the hydro active care “Q”, melting on the skin when being rubbed in. Q10 easily escapes and actively cares for the skin. 
Energy and skin resilience are enhanced. Further, Q10 – as an important link within the respiratory chain – is also responsible for the regeneration and respiration of the skin cells. “Q” serum supplies the skin with moisture and creates a ‘feel good factor’ without feelings of stickiness. 

PURE retinol pearls £90
Exclusive skin concentrate with argireline, natural ceramides and regenerating sphingolipids for even and radiating skin. 

Pure Anti-Ageing Formula - the dosing capsules  50 ml £95
Anti -Aging Formula - the dosing capsules. A healthy and natural alternative to BOTOX.
High-technology care and the outer skin ageing prevention. Intelligent product.. Extreme Regeneration
100% vegan product


 Self Charming mask 150 ml £58

Contained hyaluronic molecules, aloe vera and panthenol support the skin's own repair mechanisms, making the skin look even and youthful.  
Vitamin A reduces wrinkles and  combined with vitamin tocopherol, retains extrinsic skin aging factos by defending free radicals in the skin. 


Pure line cosmetics

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